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MMA fitness training workouts are designed specifically for people who compete in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). However, MMA fitness training programs are increasing in popularity among fitness enthusiasts who are searching for elite level fitness and conditioning.  MMA fitness training programs and workout drills weren’t the first to use kettlebells, ropes, tire flipping, and plyometrics, these exercises are all part of a complete and effective MMA fitness routine.

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As the sport of Mixed Martial Arts continues to explode and becomes more popular globally,  the specifics of MMA fighters’ fitness, strength and conditioning training continues to morph and evolve.  MMA fitness conditioning and training workouts need to be more refined and sport specific then ever. If not, picking the winner of a match will be much easier. Traditional circuit training has the athlete completing typical “old school” exercises staples such as jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches and pull-ups. Although these will continue to be basic exercises for any athlete, fighters and elite combat athletes need more sport specific Mixed Martial Arts fitness and conditioning workouts and exercise drills.

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